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How do I purchase products online?

Browse by Menu

Pharmacy Direct have broken down our products into 100’s of ‘Categories’ and ‘Sub Categories’ to make it easier to locate exactly what product you are after, even if you are unsure of the name or brand. If you are looking for a multi-vitamin for example you would click, ‘Vitamins and Supplements’, scroll down to ‘Multivitamins’ , here you would be given a comprehensive list of every brand of multivitamin sold by Pharmacy Direct.

Browse by Search

Know exactly what you’re looking for? Type the product you wish to buy in the ‘Search’ panel located under the menu, click go and let us do the work.

Browse by Brand

By clicking ‘Browse by Brand’ located on the top left of the page you will be directed to a display page listing all Pharmacy Direct brands arranged from A-Z. When you see a brand you are interested in we will display only products specifically associated with your chosen brand.

Browse by New & Popular Products

Pharmacy Direct is dedicated to bringing you the most ‘up to date’ products available at discount prices. We add new products to our product range on a daily basis. To stay in the loop of ‘what’s hot’ right now we suggest you check our ‘Latest’ & 'Popular' tabs located on our home page.