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Medicinal Cannabis or Medical Marijuana


Medicinal Cannabis or Medical Marijuana

Pharmacy Direct Online can now dispense all of your Medicinal Cannabis prescriptions. We have accounts with all of the major suppliers and companies and can source all brands of cannabis oil, cannabis flower, cannabis gummies, cannabis capsules and cannabis vape liquid. 

Medicinal Cannabis can only be supplied with a valid prescription and TGA approval. Some Doctors will have Authorised Prescriber status for certain products while others will be required to apply to TGA for each prescription they write. For more information about the process of obtaining a prescription and TGA approval, please talk to your Doctor or Clinic or check out the TGA website, https://www.tga.gov.au/medicinal-cannabis-guidance-documents 

We do not supply prescriptions, approvals, or any products whatsoever without a valid prescription and approval. Medicinal Cannabis products are not displayed on the website due to TGA regulations and can only be ordered over the phone, once we have received your prescription and TGA approvals. Medicinal Cannabis products can not be stored at the pharmacy as they can only be ordered for a specific patient. This may cause a slight delay in dispatching the product if the supplier is delayed in delivering to the pharmacy. Please note it is impossible to receive an order and dispatch on the same day, please allow 2-7 days for receipt of order to dispatch with Australia Post. All orders are sent with Australia Post Express at a maximum cost of $15. 

If you have any questions about how to buy medicinal cannabis or how to buy medical marijuana, please email our pharmacist directly; thepharmacist@pharmacydirect.com.au 

If you have a script and approval and would like to place an order, please call us on 1300 208 514

Benefits of ordering with Pharmacy Direct Online

  • Faster Turnaround Time
  • Most pharmacies do not have direct accounts with the major suppliers like we do. This can cause a delay in receiving your order as the pharmacy tries to open accounts or source a product.
  • Lowest Price Guarantee
  • All of our prices are capped at the manufacturer RRP. If you find a cheaper price on the same item, we will happily match it.
  • Discounts for Multiple Items
  • If your Doctor prescribes more than one of the same product, we offer a discount on the second or third bottle.
  • Capped Price Shipping
  • We cap the price of our Express Shipping to $15. If it is cheaper than that we will charge the cost price. All orders are sent with Australia Post Express. 
  • Knowledgeable Staff
  • Our customer and pharmacists have vast experience in dispensing medicinal cannabis. We are more than happy to help you along your journey. 

Don’t have a script or don’t know where to start?

Try one of these dedicated Medicinal Cannabis Clinics




Make sure you select Pharmacy Direct as your pharmacy to take advantage of our low prices and faster turnaround time.