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Purchasing Prescription Medication Online

How to fill your script safely and conveniently:

  1. Search for your prescription in the SEARCH box above
  2. Add items to your cart and complete online order
  3. Send your original script in the mail - FOR FREE

Post your scripts - FOR FREE to

Pharmacy Direct Reply Paid 87026 MOLENDINAR, QLD, 4214

Note: Please use a plain envelope-no stamp required.

Delivery service

  • Safely and securely by Australia Post
  • FREE SHIPPING* on all PBS subsidies Prescriptions

Keep your script on file for easy refills

  • Safely and confidentially keep your repeats on file
  • Simply add your prescription to cart and checkout as normal
  • Shop online at a time convenient for you
  • Safe and secure delivery by Australia Post
  • FREE DELIVERY* on all PBS subsidised prescriptions-saving money

What is a generic medicine?

  • Contain the same active ingredient(s) as the branded equivalent
  • Have been carefully assessed by the Australian Govt. as giving the same health benefits as branded medicines
  • Help the Australian community save money through savings to the PBS 

*PBS Prescriptions must be $40.30 or more in order to qualify for FREE DELIVERY

*PBS prescriptions must be $5.60 for concessional or $40.30 General in order to qualify for FREE DELIVERY